Professional Photography is an investment.I believe it is one of the most valuable investments you can make to preserve moments of time and stages of your life.When you choose a professional photographer who has spent years of study and craft, you choose custom photography. You will be choosing to invest in art that is capturing the true, pure and real moments of your life.

The click of my camera is only one small step in the process of creating your images. Behind the scenes is where the real magic and creativity beings. I invest precious time in final editing your images to give you the best quality piece of art. I strive to not be the typical “shoot and burn em” photographer. That’s easy and I don’t believe the quality or time is spent. I will have you look through an online gallery of softly edited images and then you choose your final favorite images for purchase. I will spend quality time putting the final edits, touches and expertise them to create a quality piece of art. I strongly believe that quality outweighs quantity.  

I strive to invest time prior to your shoot getting to know you and your style. I will help with location choices, clothing and creating a session that fits you and your family. I typically photograph in the “Golden” hour. This is usually about two hours before sunset or early mornings depending on location.

My goal is to INVEST in you!



These are my FAVORITE subjects!!! I LOVE SENIORS! I try to capture the essence of you being a senior. There will never be a time like this again in your young adult life. This experience and your images will be passed down for generations. Don’t laugh….. but I still show my kids my senior pictures! I promise your experience will be fun, painless and most of all I will create art showing who you really are. I take time to get to know you, your style, your vision and most of all your personality.

My sessions book fast!! I take a limited number of seniors per year so please don’t wait to book.

Senior Session Packages start at $525



These sessions are just as valuable! I personally make it a point to invest in a family portrait every other year. I have done this since my girls were babies. We have been able to capture all the stages of them growing. Braces, bad hair cuts (even if we thought they were good at the time), clothing styles, and my husband when he had more hair! We still love to look through these and yes, I still have many of them displayed in my home.

They are priceless!

Family Portrait Session Packages start at $550



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